“Gumli Gumli” Bargara

The owners of a prime site at Bargara with the beach to the north-east and a wetland reserve to the west approached Tomas early in 2012 to design a new home that would make the most of this premium location.  Set over three levels, the plan is anchored by a central staircase and a series of double-height  spaces.  One of these forms the main outdoor living area, which rather than projecting from the front facade, is cut out from the middle of the building providing a sheltered and usable living area in all weather conditions.The rooms on the top floor are connected by a verandah which projects into the upper part of this “outdoor room” adding interest to the space and increasing connections between the levels. The living room and family room also open onto the outdoor room, creating a continuous flowing space from the front garden right to the rear of the house, with changes in ceiling heights defining the individual rooms. The basement lower floor houses the garage and service rooms, and a courtyard on this level allows for easy access from the beach, with an outdoor shower and storage space for surfboards and beach gear.

Construction completed Mid 2014.