Tomas O’Malley Architect offers the full range of Architectural Services, from initial concept design through to administering the building contract.  Tomas believes that all projects should be treated as unique (especially when building a family home), and works with the client to provide the best range of services for their particular project. Some of the main areas where Tomas can offer his expertise in adding value to a project are:

Any project, whether it is a house, office or retail tenancy, benefits from high quality design. As a registered architect with over 10 years industry experience, Tomas is able to develop unique designs that are focused around the needs of the client, while also being cost effective and sustainable.  Tomas understands it’s the little details that make the difference between a good building and a great building.

Tomas utilises the 3D CAD documentation software Revit, allowing clients to see their project in 3 dimensions throughout the documentation process, helping them to better visualise what their project will look like when complete.  This system also helps identify potential construction issues prior to starting building, that can often be overlooked with traditional 2D documentation.  Tomas takes great pride in the quality of his documentation, ensuring that the design intent, the client’s requirements and the acceptable standard of workmanship are all communicated to the builder.

Tendering & Construction Services
Tomas can assist you in selecting the best approach for having your project constructed.  These include negotiating a price with one builder, letting the project out to tender, or a design/construct (D&C) type contract.  Tomas can help to recommend a contract which is fair to all parties, unlike many which are designed to protect the builder’s interests.  As a registered architect, Tomas can provide contract administration services (a form of project management) – typically these include assessing the builders progress claims, assessing and negotiating variations to the work, ensuring that the agreed standard of workmanship is being met, and establishing what defects require rectification at the completion of the project. By engaging an architect to complete these services, the client can often avoid the stress of having to make decisions outside their area of expertise, and potentially expensive changes required due to inadequate documentation and communication on site.





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